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admin posted Oct 24 '18 at 4:33 pm
Hello everybody!

Things are evolving each day at Audio Modeling, so we are not able to provide dates "written in the stone".
This is currently our - very rough - roadmap:

February 26th, 2020: release of SWAM Solo Brass for Desktop
March 2020: partnership with ILIO
July 2020 update v1.5.0 of SWAM Solo Brass for Desktop
August 2020 update v1.5.1 of SWAM Solo Brass for Desktop
October 202
recent by admin  ·  5 days ago at 10:09 am
SWAM Solo Strings v3 for Desktop are available!

New customers can purchase directly from our website or through our dealers, loyal customers can upgrade their SWAM Solo Strings v2 at a convenient price

The new Customer Portal allows you to manage Upgrades and Bundle Completions with ease!
No need to contact our support desk anymore.
Be sure you have registered all your licenses to y
You ask, we listen.

We are glad to offer upgrade paths for SWAM products owners. You can save money to buy the entire bundle upgrading from one (or more) SWAM instrument previously purchased.
Please check here the offer for you. Depending on the product that you have previously purchased you can see the bundle upgrade price for you!

Note: upgrade requests must be issued through our S
admin posted Sep 10 '18 at 3:08 pm
The Audio Modeling Community is provided to you as a central place to discuss all creative and technical aspects of Audio Modeling products, as well as all aspects of music performance and production in general.

Audio Modeling is glad to offer a community area where opinions can be exchanged freely as long as the discussion remains reasonable. To maintain these forums as a pleasant place for
mschnell posted Sep 4 at 6:18 am
I understand that Camelot and maybe Audio Modeling is somehow affiliated with Roli.
Now I heard that Roli is discontinued.
What does that mean for us ?

recent by mschnell  ·  Sep 10 at 6:11 am
Wilhelm posted Aug 16 at 4:00 pm
Hi, It would be cool, if there would be overview export for a setlist (Only Song titles, maybe scenes) to print a setlist and to exchange via email

There has been some discussion on this forum about the problem of attack control with wind controllers such as the AKAI EWI and Yamaha WX-5. (Sorry, I cannot find the previous thread at the moment, so I'm posting to this general thread.)

I'd like to let other SWAM wind-players know that the new Roland Aerophone Pro AE-30 seems to have completely solved the problem of producing accurate and co
Hi @admin
Whilst I bought the SWAM v3 strings (Violin, Viola, Cello) months ago, today was the first chance I've had to try and configure these instruments to approximate what I've got with SWAM v2. And I was so disappointed to discover that the same minimum volume threshold issue with wind controllers is STILL there, even though I spent hours today experimenting with different configuration
recent by admin  ·  Jul 15 at 4:50 pm
Our keyboard man plays on four different pianos / synths. He would like to change the volume of these four instruments using camelot pro. Possible?

Knowing that he plays on the keyboard of the instruments, there are no master keyboards / sound modules

Of course all the instruments have MIDI in / out connectors (i.e. Roland RD-700NX)

Thank you for your comments


recent by admin  ·  Jul 12 at 12:31 am
i would really like to use the swam trumpet for live performances.
problem is, i am a student and do not have a lot of money.
i own an m1 macbook air which i got for studying and making music.
given that the m1 chip allows me to install ipad apps on my laptop i am really sad to see that the ipad version for a single instrument is not available in the app store, instead i'd hav
recent by admin  ·  Jul 12 at 12:29 am
I just got the whole bundle of SWAM instruments and the UI for the newer strings and brass looks great, however the older instruments like flute have very tiny fonts on my laptop that I can barely see. I should note that I am running this on Linux with Wine. Is there any way to increase the font size or zoom in? I tried change the screen resolution setting in winecfg but that only changed it for
recent by admin  ·  Jul 12 at 12:23 am
I just read the following pages about MIDI 2

Lots of great new improvements to intercompatibilty, more accurate output, and far larger dynamic range are promised when hardware and software are all capable of working with MIDI 2. Also, MIDI 2 is promised backward compatibility with MIDI 1.0
recent by mschnell  ·  Jun 14 at 6:09 am
I purchased Camelot for iOS to control different sw synths on the iPad simultaneously with one controller. It works very good, thank you for your hard work!

I also want to control some parameters of my virtual instr with cc controllers. I couldn‘t find a way to „learn“ parameters in Camelot, so I mapped ccs in the instrument app itself- this works ok for the Moogmodel D ie b
recent by admin  ·  Jun 4 at 4:18 pm

If I selecting a next song from list, Camelot (desktop version) load all instruments from scratch and it takes a long time with a large sample libraries. I haven't such time between songs.. Is it possible that Camelot loads all samples before a concert and only switch bypass on/off during song selection?

recent by admin  ·  Jun 4 at 3:57 pm
I recently finished a new track that makes use of the SWAM saxes within the context of Metal.

Here's the finished track:

Here's an mp3 of just the 3 SWAM saxes (Baritone, Alto, and Tenor) with a bit of NI's Session Horns backing them up:

There's a b
recent by admin  ·  May 29 at 9:36 am
mozart999uk posted May 21 at 11:10 am
Anyone have any tips for making the clarinet sound a bit warmer?
At the moment it sounds like I'm playing with too thin of a reed.

I'm a clarinettist (of sorts) and married to a pro player. We both love the expression but it just sounds to thin and reedy.

I'm using Clar 1 Warm and have messed about with EQ but nothing has worked yet for me.

It needs to sound more like a buffet
recent by admin  ·  May 24 at 3:44 pm
Hi AudioModelling

Thank you for the wonderful SWAM instruments! I especially appreciate the enhanced high-frequency detail, the increased range of Bow Position which now gives a truly 'edgy' sul ponticello, the enhanced Harmonics mode, and the new Pizzicato tone control.

As I am adapting my production setup to work with Strings v3, I have encountered the following questions, which I thi
recent by brunodegazio  ·  May 12 at 12:49 am
It seems that the microtonality options are limited to detuning the 12 conventionally named notes, with the same detuning in every octave. Many synths and most physical modeling instruments (AAS, Pianoteq etc) have support for specifying the tuning of all the MIDI note #s, and accept tuning file formats like Scala .scl files, thus supporting more than 12 notes per octave.

It would be great to
recent by richhickey  ·  May 9 at 4:39 pm
In version 2 we had an "Env Attack Speed" parameter and it could be MIDI mapped. Now we have "Attack Ramp Speed" and it can't be MIDI mapped? That seems a pretty significant loss of functionality when triggering using velocity. Please enable MIDI mapping of this parameter.

recent by admin  ·  May 8 at 12:53 pm
I'm having a crippling problem when recording both v2 and v3 Solo Strings in Logic Pro X using my Roli Seaboard Block. I've been unable to make any progress with my projects.

When I practice a passage without recording, have fewer issues.

When I begin recording, suddenly I get stuttering, and in consistent attacks.

I was excited to upgrade to v3, and was hoping it woul
recent by admin  ·  May 6 at 4:40 pm
The question below is from an earlier post, but since I've had no response back about it, I thought I would bump it up again.

1. How to get pizzicato on multiple open strings (Cello)?

I have read the manual for every mention of "pizzicato", and it seems that the following settings wold be reasonable for the effect I want to achieve:

Play Mode - set to Pizzicato
Pizz.Poly mode - s
recent by admin  ·  May 6 at 4:36 pm
Can someone help me understand how to receive email notifications from this forum?

I have myself subscribed to my own posts as shown in the screenshot, and I've received replies, yet I never got an email. I have checked my junk folder.

I also can't seem to find where to verify that my email for this account is correct! I presume it is, since I think it's linked with my Audio Modeling acc
recent by Maddcow  ·  Apr 23 at 12:17 am

I have just purchased "The Saxophones" and I also have the TEC BBC2 breath controller.

I'm looking forward to knowing about the best-recommended settings, tweaks, and tips in order to get the best possible performance and sounding experience when using the TEC BBC2 breath controller and playing the SWAM saxophones virtual instrument.

Asking about that here, because other than
recent by 3doggie  ·  Apr 20 at 12:37 am
Hello all,

Can anyone help me get started with editing the articulations / expressions of midi events within the piano roll of Logic Pro X? How does one fine-tune glissandos, portamentos, vibratos, etc., of individual midi events and pairs of events??

I can secondary-click a midi event to access the articulation selection, but there are 255 nameless articulations in there, and I can't tel
recent by tyeNewton  ·  Apr 17 at 6:30 pm
I've been using Vivaldi to experiment with various techniques to improve the ensemble sound of solo strings. The results are in this playlist.

The main techniques are:

1.) Time spreading the Note-onsets.
For example, the 6 first violins are individually delayed anywhere from -50 milliseconds to +50 millise
recent by brunodegazio  ·  Apr 17 at 1:23 pm
First of all, congrats for the new interface which adds so many useful features to SWAM instruments and makes the UI experience much more convenient. I think it’s a big step up from the older interface and paves the way for even better instruments. I like the much more precise presets management, the MIDI management and the organization of all the parameters. The main page makes it also eas
recent by Oneiroi  ·  Apr 16 at 2:34 am
Just some quick feedback:

I found that with v3 I had to eliminate the new pressure curve setting (flatten it) in order to get decent control using the Seaboard. The idea of the pressure curve seems really useful, but I'm hoping that the team will put out an update with better default settings. Again, this is probably specific to the Seaboard default settings—specific to the nature of th
Hi @admin
I was sure that at some stage, it was mentioned that SWAM v2 presets could be imported into SWAM v3....but I might have misunderstood or I'm totally incorrect. I've loaded SWAM v2 Solo Strings presets into v3 but none of my v2 MIDI mappings and parameter values are being imported, which is very frustrating.
Is this a bug or have I missed something? It doesn't make sense that a v
recent by Maddcow  ·  Apr 13 at 1:25 pm
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