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Hello all,

Can anyone help me get started with editing the articulations / expressions of midi events within the piano roll of Logic Pro X? How does one fine-tune glissandos, portamentos, vibratos, etc., of individual midi events and pairs of events??

I can secondary-click a midi event to access the articulation selection, but there are 255 nameless articulations in there, and I can't tel
recent by tyeNewton  ·  Apr 17 at 6:30 pm
I've been using Vivaldi to experiment with various techniques to improve the ensemble sound of solo strings. The results are in this playlist.

The main techniques are:

1.) Time spreading the Note-onsets.
For example, the 6 first violins are individually delayed anywhere from -50 milliseconds to +50 millise
recent by brunodegazio  ·  Apr 17 at 1:23 pm
First of all, congrats for the new interface which adds so many useful features to SWAM instruments and makes the UI experience much more convenient. I think it’s a big step up from the older interface and paves the way for even better instruments. I like the much more precise presets management, the MIDI management and the organization of all the parameters. The main page makes it also eas
recent by Oneiroi  ·  Apr 16 at 2:34 am
Just some quick feedback:

I found that with v3 I had to eliminate the new pressure curve setting (flatten it) in order to get decent control using the Seaboard. The idea of the pressure curve seems really useful, but I'm hoping that the team will put out an update with better default settings. Again, this is probably specific to the Seaboard default settings—specific to the nature of th
Hi @admin
I was sure that at some stage, it was mentioned that SWAM v2 presets could be imported into SWAM v3....but I might have misunderstood or I'm totally incorrect. I've loaded SWAM v2 Solo Strings presets into v3 but none of my v2 MIDI mappings and parameter values are being imported, which is very frustrating.
Is this a bug or have I missed something? It doesn't make sense that a v
recent by Maddcow  ·  Apr 13 at 1:25 pm
Can you help me understand the bow gestures? Specifically bipolar and bowing modes. The manual is going over my head. Maybe I'm more of an example type of guy.

Right now I have no idea how to:

Play a single, long sustained note, and
have total control of bow changes, like an irregular bowing style.
I have a feeling one of those modes is going to help me. Help?

recent by mschnell  ·  Apr 6 at 6:25 am
This is the last demo I made for ver2.
I was actually going to compare it to ver3 based on this ver2 MIDI, but the expressions were more incompatible than I expected, so I gave up on the comparison.
I've just updated to ver3 and am excited about some of the new features. I'd like to release a demo with ver3 eventually.
Any feedback on this song would be greatly appreciated.
recent by mschnell  ·  Apr 2 at 6:32 am
Hi guys. I've owned the SWAM w/winds for years but only recently have I been using the flutes quite intensively. I'm finding that there seems to be a higher breath threshold for starting/ending notes on the SWAM flutes compared to the SWAM strings. This might also be the case for the other SWAM w/winds but I haven't spent as much time with them recently.

For example: I can easily start o
recent by Skye  ·  Mar 30 at 11:55 pm
I've got the SWAM Violin. I want to play notes with some variation. I don't have a keyboard to do this. Too many complications that won't allow me to, so I have to stick to a compact design. I also can't play instruments full stop because of cognitive issues.

I use FL Studio, I managed to get the VST to work by changing expression. But I've encountered a new issue where I can't change the vi
recent by mschnell  ·  Feb 22 at 6:45 pm
3doggie posted Feb 6 at 4:07 pm
According to the on-line manual: "By default, the Key Switches are positioned starting from C1 (MIDI note 24)where C3 = Middle C (MIDI note 60)" .... "C# = Fall Down​. Perform an immediate Fall Down starting from the currently playing note (where the pitch and volume drop rapidly):
○ Velocity controls Fall Down speed.
● D = Doit​. Perform an immediate Doit starting f
recent by admin  ·  Feb 21 at 5:35 pm
I’m a new user to Swam Strings. I use Midi Guitar 2 and it was suggested to me to try the Roli Seaboard preset. When I click load, the folder that opens is empty except for a few that I have saved. I also searched my hard drive for any “.swam” files with none found(other than mine). I’m on Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated.

recent by Paranza  ·  Feb 12 at 2:23 pm
Hi @admin, you've done a pretty good job with SWAM Brass...these instruments are quite playable. However, there's still a minimum "Note-On value" issue that affects wind controller players like me i.e. most wind controllers don't create a Note-On event until a value of approx. 7 or 8 but because SWAM instruments respond to Note-On events all the way down to 0, wind controller players experience
recent by admin  ·  Feb 11 at 5:47 pm
sickwidit posted May 2 '20 at 10:46 am
Hi all,
I'm enjoying the awesome sound of SWAM Brass and Strings (hopefully woodwinds soon).

I believe the answer to the following question is NO but I have to check because this is a make it or break it issue basically....
Am I able to automate the "Pitch Bend" parameter of SWAM Brass in my DAW (FL Studio)?

I don't have hardware, and even if I did, I would like to be able
recent by 3doggie  ·  Feb 6 at 6:13 pm
I find that I am having trouble with fast passages on the brass instruments, particularly triplets on the same note. If I want to play “Williams Tell Overture” on the French horn, this is required, but I find the instrument does keep up with the speed of my fingers.

I am using a seaboard. Does anyone have advice on how to achieve this? Is this a limitation of using the seaboard
recent by Paranza  ·  Feb 5 at 1:57 pm
Hi Team,

I was talking to an experienced synth user about the wonderful things you are doing at AudioModeling, and then he asked if virtual instrument creators like you can also come up with a solution to overcome distance-related latency so that musicians in multiple locations can play together and collaborate in realtime. I thought I’d relay that question to you. Are you working on th
recent by Wouter  ·  Jan 29 at 4:18 am
I have been trying to install SWAM Instruments on Apple MacBook with M1 (Apple Silicon) Chip running Big Sur. I can't seem to make it work. Is there any update or timeline (PS: FYI I did get Aaron Venture instruments to work ;-)

Please advise, I would really like to use SWAM.

recent by mschnell  ·  Jan 16 at 6:56 am
3doggie posted Dec 16 '20 at 7:25 pm
Using IPad and I can see if you tap the ending marker you have 3 options. Should have a looping option. Would like to see pitch correction and ability to adjust speed and still stay in key.

recent by admin  ·  Jan 1 at 10:11 pm
Oneiroi posted Nov 25 '20 at 3:31 am

I’ve been contemplating this question lately and was wondering what the developers of SWAM instruments thought about it.

To me, physically modelled virtual instruments such as those by the SWAM and Sample Modeling teams bring a whole new level of expression and aliveness to the world of virtual instruments. With the aid of good MIDI controllers, the ease of playability makes it
recent by mschnell  ·  Dec 14 '20 at 7:40 pm
A constant hertz (cycles per second) detuning feature would be very handy for SWAM strings when used in an ensemble.

This would solve a problem when using the current constant cents master tuning to detune multiple instruments in an ensemble. For example, a detuning of 15 cents can sound very good in the lower register of an instrument, but in the high register it will sound too extreme.
recent by admin  ·  Dec 11 '20 at 9:36 pm
Hello everyone.

At the time of the brass beta test, I made a request for "individual overtone control function". (
This time, I set EQs that synchronize with overtones and tried how they affect the timbre.

recent by mschnell  ·  Dec 11 '20 at 6:47 am
I would like to be able to automate the "Master Tune" paramter from within my playback software, using System Exclusive if possible.

I notice that the manual gives some details of the SysEx implementation for changing the transposition and tuning. Have AudioModelling made public any other portions of the SysEx?

Bruno Degazio

recent by mschnell  ·  Nov 30 '20 at 6:45 am
Fergler posted Nov 28 '20 at 5:26 am
Anytime I get new software I always try to give the developers my first-time user experience. In this case, which is rare, I never used the software at all previous to purchase and bought on the strength of youtube reviews alone.

So in somewhat of an order of occurance:

On the downloads & licenses page, a 'download all' button would be great. It took me about 4 minutes to fully downlo
Dunmabr posted Nov 20 '20 at 7:14 pm
I can turn on the mutes using a cc from my Ewi 5000 but is there a way to set it so that I can turn on and off a specific mute ( straight mute). Currently it defaults to the last mute of the list

recent by Paranza  ·  Nov 27 '20 at 4:24 pm
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